December 2018 Update In Thailand

My dad has been behind updating my blog – so with the end of the year 2018 coming it is about time we update everyone on things happening in my life.

If you follow my dad’s blog and videos, you will see we recently moved the family to Thailand in August this year. I came to K2 – Kindergarten level 2 here in Thailand at an international school. I learned to be in an English language school with 1 Thai language class a day.

It was big change for me because I already spent some years in a Hong Kong school in Shenzhen, China that had all day Chinese language with 1 English class a day. So the first month or two was challenging for me as I had to be forced to speak English – the teacher was from USA and didn’t speak any Chinese – and the TAs (teaching assistants) were from Thailand and didn’t speak Chinese either. Sometimes I would get in trouble because I wasn’t listening and would play with other Chinese friends in my class.

Each day the teacher would write in my school book to my parents. She would say that I am having trouble listening – but I told my mom and dad that I was a good boy. Not sure why the teacher said I was bad. But sometimes I even had to go to principal’s office and had a warning sent home from the principal.

But now it is the end of the first half of the K2 school year and I am doing much better. The teacher just sent notes back that I am doing “moderately ok” (on a level of good / moderate / needs improvement) 3 part scale. She said it is a big improvement in my listening skills and my English skills. I am a good boy and I am glad my teacher sees that.

After the winter break I will have a new teacher, also from USA. This is because my current teacher needs to transfer to the first grade class. The other first grade teacher had to go back to America – and they needed my teacher to move to that class.

But I have had the other new teacher in the class with us for some time now so we all like the new teacher.

For me, moving to Thailand has been a big change. Another big change is my grandfather has been with me almost my whole life. He has been in Thailand 2 times for about two months each time to help us with the new house and move. But just a few days ago earlier in December he returned back to Shenyang, China to be with grandma and my aunts and uncles. I will miss him so much.

I love to draw – it is my favorite thing to do. I love to make Atom Man and spider man and draw cars and buses. I will continue to improve my drawing.

Thank you for reading my blog update I hope to update more in the future.

Happy Birthday To Me (written by my dad)

Happy birthday to my dear son Miles (this is daddy writing if you didn’t already know).

3 years old today. how fast time goes by. I remember his birth like it was yesterday (video below)

Miles, you are a smart, indepedent dude. I’m so happy to be your father. Your grandfather, Mr Wang, is really amazing and helps us so much to look after you. I enjoy riding my bike to pick you up from nursery school at lunch time every day. Your personality is forming now as you get older.

Of course I am nervous your Chinese is better than your English – and wish we could talk together more. But I know your English will catch up soon.

I look forward to you reading these blogs – this is a letter written to you in the future. Don’t let what other people think affect how you live your life. Everyone will always have their opinion and you can’t change them. You can only worry about what is best for you and your loved ones.

So enjoy this amazing milestone of 3 years old. I think you will start to remember some of these amazing times we are all having together, and hope my job as a parent and a father is helping you shape to be an amazing human being.

happy birthday son.

Your dad,

Going to Full Time Daycare

Mommy and Daddy sent me to daycare last week, I go from 10am until 5pm now. This way they can work at the home studio while I get to play and learn with other kids.

It is a small classroom of 4, and Monday, only 1 other student came – so just 2 of us – and 2 teachers.

So we get a lot of attention, and we can draw and paint and make things. I am always bringing home the artwork I make to show my family.

I will upload the artwork here in the future.